Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Sweater Clips

Woman on the photo has no sweater clips on.

How to wear Sweater Clip Guards and Pins?

The idea for the sweater clip was to hold a very light weight sweater in place when worn loose on the shoulders. Sweater clips were very popular in the 1950s. You clip the sweater clips to each side of the collar of the sweater or just below. The sweater clips themselves are normally alligator type clips like that of what you find on a tie clip. Some sweater clips have a foldover clip like what was on dress clips from long ago. If you need a clip that holds very tight and secure then you may want a cinch clip as the alligator clips on the sweater clips don't really hold as secure. They are very attractive and come in many designs and lengths. If you need longer faux pearls or chains or shorter just let me know and I can modify one for you. You can also wear sweater clips on your blouse or vest as a decoration. These are so timeless and attractive.

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