Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Gloves makes a woman feel glamorous

There is something about gloves that instantly makes everything so much more elegant!

A simple dress will immediately look opulent with long gloves.

This neat information on how to wear gloves is from the excellent : Couture Allure Vintage Fashion Blog :


1. Slip your hand down the glove and gently ease it on by grasping the cuff.

2. If the gloves are snug, smooth the fingers on gently to avoid splitting the seams.

3. Never pull by the cuff, as this can stretch your glove. Instead smooth the glove with upward strokes from the fingers up the arm.

4. Never push between the fingers. Smooth the fingers with upward strokes until the glove is comfortable.


1. Pull gently at the tip of each finger until you can hold the fingertips of the glove.

2. Grasp all the fingertips of the glove in the opposite hand and pull gently to ease your hand out.

3. Never grasp the cuff to pull your gloves off, as this will turn them inside out.


1. After removing your gloves, ease away any creases and reshape them.

2. Fold the thumb of each glove in and press the two gloves together, palms in, with fingertips and cuffs even.

3. With the cuff end facing out, fold the gloves over the side of your hand between the forefinger and thumb. Hold them in place with your thumb.

4. If the gloves are long, fold them in half lengthwise and place the folded part out, then hold between the forefinger and thumb.

Remember, a lady always wears both gloves, not just one.


Annie said...

LOVE the photos and the tips. My mother was old school southern married to an Air Force Officer in the 60s. She actually had a glove drawer and every kind of glove and knew when to wear what. Thanks for the memory. My vintage blog is linked by my name (I'm still learning all this)

Diva said...

I too have a glove departement. Its very nifty :) D

Tia said...

I love this post, especially the glove-etiquette! I believe I'll start wearing some of my vintage gloves I have stashed away. :)

Diva said...

Please do! You´ll be suprised how many positive comments you will get. :)