Thursday, 30 July 2009

A transforming product - lipstick !

Lipstick is a great invention ! :) It really can change your appearance !

   Although I think Dita looks very 
sweet without make up too !

A lot of vintage girls use Mac. I love Mac ( although I´ve recently discovered Bobby Brown ! ) Mac has a lot of pigments in their products which is why they have such a vivid colours. They also have a good range of matte lipsticks which is great, as they stay on longer. Then, if you want a little shine, you can simply do so by adding  a litte lip gloss. Just dab a bit on the middle of your upper and lower lip for a nice "sexy "pout" ! ;)

Mac  has two great "reds"  - Ruby Woo  (left) and  Russian Red (right) 
( the images does not do the two colours full justice ) 
I have Russian Red which is a great colour when you want a lipstick that has blues in it, yet works well with warm olive toned skin.

Here is a sweet 1940s tutorial on make up !


The Pocket Stylist said...

Love your bog and love red lipstick.

Chloë said...

I love red lipstick too and I have Russian Red! I just got it for xmas and wear it all the time now! Mac also do another red, it has more of a sheer, satiny texture and is called Lady Bug. Mac lipsticks really are the best (although I love Bobbi Brown too- they do the best foundations) I have about 10 Mac lippies!