Wednesday, 29 July 2009

How to refill a vintage powder compact

Another great beauty recipe ! I have several compacts that it would be nice to be able to use.

You will need
A vintage compact
Some loose face powder
Rubbing alcohol
A small bowl and something to stir with
A spoon

1. Remove the net from the compact ( if there is one ), as well as any powder left inside.

2. Clean the compact with rubbing alcohol.

3. In a a small bowl, mix loose powder of your choice with a small amounts of alcohol, a little at a time. Stir to make a smooth creamy paste.

4. When your done, fill the base of your compact with the paste. You can use the back of an alcohol dipped spoon to smooth out the mixture. Or you can use something that will leave a fine imprint, like a piece of cloth.

5.  Let the compact dry opened overnight. Then your´re ready to go !


Amanda said...

Thanks for the how-to.

Jessica Cangiano said...

Lovely how-to, thank you very much for sharing. I'm of the "just have to powder my nose" set myself, and would love to find a vintage compact and fill it with powder.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend,
♥ Jessica

Sher said...

Genius! Never knew!

Anonymous said...

The best way to do it is to have a powder pan that fits the vintage compact, and clean and refill that. Moisten powder with as little alcohol as possible, forming a stiff dough, to reduce shrinkage and cracking of the powder as it dries. Press it tightly into the powder pan and let dry.

Jennifer said...

Thanks. I'm going to try mixing leftovers from a couple shades of blush that are too deep for me this time of year with some powder and see if I can get a useable powder blush in an old compact.