Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Snoods !

The women of 1940s wore a lot of turbans, scarfs, bandannas and snoods as a way to relinquishing elegant and elaborate hairstyles for more simple ones thus supporting the war effort by not being wasteful and vain. They were also practical when working in the factories were women were replacing men on the line due to the war.

Some of these head gears however became quite elaborate as these beautiful pictures show where the every day snood has been made into a little work of art that could be worn with an evening dress ! The picture is from ca. 1940 The model standing is wearing a red silk crepe dress, with diamond and ruby jewel and the other, sitting,wears a royal blue silk jersey dress, matching snood, and sapphire and diamond jewels - Image by © Condé Nast Archive/CORBIS

If you have a talent for making things you may want to make your own snood. This is a pattern I found on knitting-crochet.com

From: FlossieB.

I have a snood pattern I made for my daughter 2 years ago. It is from a book I have written in the 1940"s. All of the patterns are from that time but I kind of remember what the one that Scarlet wore in "Gone with the Wind" looked like. I think this will work for you. Very simple and my daughter that has hair to her waist could get all of her hair in it. It is an open weave though. She had to use a pony tail holder and a few bobby pins on her hair to keep it neat.

Materials: (Medium size)
2 oz.4-py yarn (wool) I used acrylic
crochet hook :size 3 I think I used a "G"
1 yd. grosgrain ribbon.
22" round elastic
Gauge: 4 meshes = 3"

Ch 49.
Row 1: 1 long treble crochet (long tr.) in 12th st from hook, *ch 4, skip 4 st on ch . 1 long tr in next st; repeat from* ending ch 4, skip 1 st,. 1 long tr. in last st. Ch 9. Turn.

Row 2: 1 long tr in first long tr of Row below, * ch 4, 1 long tr. in next long tr; repeat from* ending ch 4, 1 long tr in 5th st of turning ch, ch 4, 1 long tr in same st as last long tr. Ch 9, turn.

Repeat last Row 6 times (23 meshes). Ch 9, turn.

Row 9: Skip ch 4, 1 long tr in next long tr., * ch 4, 1 long tr in next long tr; repeat from * ending ch 4, 1 long tr in 5th st of turning ch. (23 meshes). Ch 9, turn.

Repeat last Row 7 times, ending last Row ch 5 instead of 9.

Row 17: Skip ch 4, 1 long tr in next long tr, work even to within 2 meshes of end, ch 4; yarn over 3 times, insert hook in next long tr and draw up a loop, over, take off 2 loops 3 times in succession, wrap yarn over hook 3 times, insert hook in 5th st of turning ch and draw up a loop (6 loops on hook), over, take off 2 loops 3 times in succession, over, take off 3 loops (a decreasing long tr), ch 5 turn.

Row 18: Skip ch 4, 1 long tr in next long tr, work 18 meshes, ch 4, work a decreasing long tr in last 2 long tr. Ch 5, turn.

Decrease 1 mesh each side of each of next 6 rows as in last Row. Ch 1, do not turn.

BORDER: Sew ends of a 22 inch piece of round elastic together. Working around elastic, work 2 sc in each mesh on entire outer edge, join with a slip st to first sc. Fasten off.
Make a tailored tie of ribbon and sew to front of snood.

*** note*** Along treble (according to the book) can be made by yo (Yarn over) any number of times and still drawing through 2 loops at a time, until one loop remains on hook.
I think I just did a regular treble crochet (tr) except where it stated. I would have to make this again to really remember. Good luck with this.

If you, as I, have no inclination what so ever to crochet, knit or sew... ;) Then you should check out these pretty snoods at Arthelias attic on Etsy. They are only 9.99 USD.


Jessica Cangiano said...

How wonderfully lovely! I think snoods are fantastic and wish they hadn't fallen out of style. Thank you for sharing this handy tutorial with us, I'm going to mention this post in my next weekly link roundup post, I think my readers would enjoy it as much as I did :)

Wishing you a beautiful Sunday & week ahead, sweetie!
♥ Jessica

Simply Colette said...

Found your blog through Chronically Vintage. Great post! Have a lovely day! xoxo

LandGirlontheHomeFront said...

very informative post!

By the way, thanks for your comment on my blog. You should definitely post some pics of your lovely self sometime soon. I often still get a little nervous about it (I'm by no stretch of the imagination a model), but if you approach it with a light heart, it is sort of fun!


GinPoodle said...

If you don't mind me saying so I also make and sell 1940s style snoods in my Etsy shop - Ginpoodle. I have a huge range of colours and I make mine in three different sizes so that you can have one that suits your hair length or thickness.

Tanis - Ginpoodle